Automatically adding a text label to a marker


I am sure there is a way to do this but I haven’t figured it out usign the Vassal Reference guide.

The counters in the mod I am working on have the Place Marker property. The counters themselves have a Text Label which allow them to be named. The Marker that gets placed also has a Text Label allowing it to be named. What I want to have happen is this: When the Marker is placed, I want the marker name to become whatever it’s counter has as its name.

Is this clear? Is this possible?

Right now the player has to do it manually.


What you’d have to do is have a trigger key on original unit to perform two actions: set the value in a global property and then add the marker. Add a key command that is activated when you add the marker that sets a dynamic property to the value of the global property.

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I haven’t gotten around to trying this yet but – THANK YOU! :slight_smile: