automatically draw card before "send to deck" is executed

Hi everyone.

On a module I’m doing I have a pool of tokens.
I have a button to draw a token and move it to a specific location and its working fine.

What I’m trying to do now is, whenever a token is returned to the deck (using the Return to deck action), I want to automatically draw a new token before the token is actually added to the deck (this way I cannot draw the same token again).

Is this possible? suggestions?

Many thanks in advance.

Have your button use the token that is already on the board to perform the action.

Have the button send a Global Key Command to the existing token. On that token, have a Trigger Action that will activate on the command received from the button. Have that trigger command trigger a Global Key Command on the token to go get another token and then trigger a Return to Deck trait to send the original token back.