Automatically flip cards on the main board ?


I’m looking for a method to return 2 cards automatically on the main card. I’ll explain the situation:

2 players has a private hand comprising a set of 8 cards. The blue player has 8 blue cards (8 red cards for the red player). The main map contains two deck. Red Deck will contain the red cards (blue deck the blue cards). Each player plays a card that comes hidden face (mask face) on the main card and in the deck of His color. I would this 2 cards on the main map (and only when the red and blue cards are on this map). I tested several methods but none have functioned. Please help me to find a solution at my problem. Thank you all.

ps: desolate for my approximate English … :unamused:

I would think that just having the cards masked would do what you want.
A masked card can only be seen by the owner until it is unmasked.

What have you tried so far? And how did it fail?

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