Automatically mask card when placed in hand.

In the module I’m currently working on, cards are drawn from a deck face down, and masked by the drawing player. These cards are held masked in a players hand, with some of them being revealed to the tabletop for each gambit. Some of the cards from the gambit are picked back up off the table by players (not necessarily the same player that played them).

I am looking for the variable name of the trait that is changed when a card is masked.

My intent is to have a player be able to drag a face-up card from the table to his hand, and if it isn’t masked to him, then mask it to him.

Property is ObscuredToOthers

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I should add the values it can be set to is true or false…

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Except you can’t set system properties like thatdirectly.

You will need to use a Map auto-key to apply a Trigger to execute the appropriate Mask command if the card is not already masked.


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Thanks, that work perfectly. One more thing - the variable for player sides is PlayerSide, right?

Yes, I have the map apply a hotkey command to any unit that ends on the board. The trigger action checks to verify that it is unmasked, and it isnt ending on the main map, and if those are both true, then it masks it.

Actually it’s playerSide

(note upper/lower casing difference)

Thanks, Dr. N.