Automatically move a card after drawing

HI to all.

Sorry for this question, if its has been already answered in the past, but I didn’t find anything in the forum about this.

It is possible to automatically move a selected card to a given position within the deck without manully moving it with the mouse?

I want to move a drawn card (that, after selection, is on top of the pile) in a specific location of the desk using a SEND TO LOCATION command. Unfortunately I’ am not able to activate any command on the selected card until the card is manually moved from the pile.


Thank you for your help on that matter!

Panther 2010


Sorry, I’m having trouble differentiating between ‘deck’ in the second paragraph and ‘desk’ in the third. But if I’m understanding you correctly, you can add a Global Key Command to the deck itself, set to affect one card only (or to the toolbar if you want, set to the appropriate deck and again for one card only). You’d want whatever key that gkc sends set to trigger the Send to Location in the card’s prototype (you can keep the command line blank). That’s it, apart from knowing where to send the card, with the trait giving you a few options.

Did this help at all, or did I mis-read what you wanted?

Thank you very much for your answer to my question, which allowed me, albeit in a very strange way, to finally solve my problem. I had already tried, in fact, to use a Deck GKC to get the desired result, but, for reasons that I had failed to understand, this didn’t work.

If I had not received your kind reply, maybe I would have give up. Instead, I double-checked the procedure and I finally found the mistake! It was simply a typing error, like the one I made in my email when I wrote “desk” instead of “deck”. You must know that in Trigger traits and GKCs I do not use commands like “CTRL A” or “ALT R”, but commands like “SENDCARDTOXY” or “RETURNTODECK”, so if you write RETURNTODESK instead of RETURNTODECK, Vassal, rightly, does not recognize the command and doesn’t executes it.

Now everything works as expected. Thank you again.

Be well.

Panther 2010