Automatically move pieces from one region to another?


I am trying to make a game with a ring of regions. Every turn the pieces from region 1 need to move to region 2 and region 2 needs to move to region 3.

Is this possible? If there is a way to rotate an entire game piece layer that would work as well.


First, define zones for regions 1, 2, and 3.
Then give all pieces Send To Location traits to go to region 2 and region 3.
Then make a Do Not Stack control piece that has Global Key Command traits to trigger the pieces Send to Location traits, with the condition that only pieces in region 1 are sent the trigger to go to region 2, etc.
Then make a button that sends a Global Key Command to the control piece to trigger the Global Key Commands on the control piece.

Or, if you don’t need or want a control piece for some reason (but having one is handy in lots of ways), I think you can make a multi-action button that activates a couple of Global Key Command buttons in sequence. Just make sure you move from region 2 to region 3 before region 1 to region 2!

Also, yes, you can rotate layers. Just make sure the rotate trait is below the layer trait in the list.

Layers can be rotated, yes. But he used the phrase “entire game piece layer”, so if he means the why-oh-why-was-such-a-terrible-name-given-to-this-feature Game Piece Layer, then no, you can’t rotate that.

I would add that if you want to include a Turn counter in the module, then you can take advantage of a hotkey every time the turn is advanced to do the region-to-region piece moves automatically instead of needing an extra button in your toolbar.

Unfortunately, the regions would be maps, with som zones and areas defined on them, yes ?
If that’s the case, you can’t make them submaps of the main map, and do what you want.
If they are just pieces, and you want to move them, then Benkyo’s solution is what you need.
I have tried myself to consider sub-maps regions with a zone definition that could move with them, without success :frowning:
If your regions have identical zones after they rotated, then you’re lucky, and the zones would be defined on the main map, below the pieces.