Automatically Rotate Came Piece?

Is it possible to automatically rotate cards sent to a predefined location on a map window? After dealing cards through a series of Global Key Commands and Multi-Action Buttons I’d like to rotate the cards 90 or 180 degrees to face proper direction. It’s not a big deal to select the cards and rotate manually but it would be nice to do it automatically.

Updating ‘The Kaiser’s Pirates’ module. Latest version available from GMT Games. Sorry I can’t figure out how to update the module on the VASSAL site.

You would need to include a ‘Can Rotate’ trait use additional Global Key Commands to send the appropriate commands to the cards to rotate them. Or use a Trigger in the target cards that rotates them.

Solved the problem by creating multiple zones on the board. Each zone has a global property with the name=Zone and an initial value set to North, East, South or West. Then a global key command with matching properties set to Zone==”North” was used to rotate only the cards in that zone.