Automatically sending pieces to an area with another piece

I am a noob designing my first mod for a game.

What I want to accomplish is this: is there a way to automatically send a game piece to another area (a game piece pool) when another game piece is moved and placed on top of them? I have several ‘cubes’ on several different areas of the game board and a single piece that, when placed onto a individual cube area, destroys any and all cubes that are in that single area. Areas may contain several cubes. I want to be able to move the single playing piece onto a ‘cube’ area, automatically sending any cubes to a central supply. Is there a way to do this.

Many thanks.

You would want to create zones on your map for the various cube areas you’re taking about.

The cubes would contain a Marker trait (which you can put in a Prototype). The marker would be something like
PieceType = Cube

This cubes would also have either a Send to Location trait to send them to a zone or region or they would use the Return to Deck trait if you are sending them to a card deck. Let’s say the command to do this is CTRL 1

Your main map properties has a “Key command to apply to all units ending movement on this map”. Set this to CTRL 0

The piece you move to the map that clears out all the cubes would have the following:

Trigger Action
Menu Command = (blank)
Keystroke = CTRL 0
Perform these keystrokes = ALT 1

Global Key Command
Keyboard command = ALT 1
Global Key Command = CTRL 1
Matching Properties: CurrentMap = (name of the map) && CurrentZone = $CurrentZone$ && PieceType = Cube
Apply to all pieces

So, when you move the piece that clears the cubes to the map, the map automatically fires a CTRL 0 at it. This causes it to send a CTRL 1 to all cubes in your current zone and that CTRL 1 is set to remove them.