Avalon Hill - Trireme

Hi folks,

anyone interested in AH Trireme ?

Cheers, Klaus

What is Trireme?

A game, dealing with ancient naval warfare.

Hi demetrios

i’m a trireme player and would be interested in a game, but I don’t know of a Trireme vassal module .

Buit may be have you built one?



You can download the Trireme module from Boardgame Geek here:


You will need to rename the file to a vmod file before you can use it.


thanks Brian

got it.

Why isn’t it listed on the vassal site?


btw, thanks a lot Brian for the good job you do with vassal mods.


Thanks for the compliment.

I don’t know why it’s not listed on the Vassal site. The person who uploaded it at Boardgame Geek is Flavio Ezio. Maybe you could email him and ask if he could put it here?


ok Brian i’ll do