Axis and allies not working noob question

Downloaded A&A global tried to play an offline game. the map loads but i am struggling how to do the unit purchase and go through the turn order. nothing seems to be happening. i am sure i am doing something wrong.

Which module exactly did you download? Please link to it so there’s no doubt. We can’t offer useful advice otherwise.

Did you read the instructions PDF linked just below the module?

yes and maybe i just don tknow what i am doing which is normal

For turn order: You can open up the window containing the turn tracker by clicking the button in the tool bar labeled “Player Turn”. The plus button in that window advances the phase.

For unit purchase, I think you’d do that however you normally do it in this game. There seem to be no special facilities that I can see.

ok thanks for helping. i uninstalled it. will just play on my table. just thought it might be more convenient but i am not smart enough to use it. thanks though