Axis and Allies

New to Vassal looking to play Axis and Allies. What are some best practices for finding players? Looks like the lobby is very quiet.

I’d really like to play Axis, lasti time I’ve played it’s been 7 years ago.
I used to play at standard version.
If you are interested send me a private message, and we’ll try to schedule a game


Hi owkczar,

A&A is a nice game.
But if I play PBEM I use Tripple A instead of Vassal.

Anybody up for a game?

Sounds interesting… I PM you

Hey I’m down for a game of AA, I never used vassal playing this game and a bit rusty but we can work our way into it.

I have a fairly flexible schedule since I’m disabled and live in Central Time (Wisconsin) I would prefer weekends but do have my daughter every other weekend. Anyway, thats something else we can work on.

email me at

Thanks Jay

again I am late to the thread, but am interested in a game

Below is a link to good site I have used in the past, I have not used it for some time as I have had my fill of the standard A&A game

I’d be down to play some A&A. Feel free to hit me up.