Axis Empires

I am new to Axis Empires. I’d like to play both theaters. I am familiar with VASSAL. If you want to squash a newbie, shoot me an email.

Hey J. I am currently on my first whole world game. Have played both sides several times now. I
I can definitely do a game with you. Are you sure you want to do both sides ? If so let me know. I use vassal mod for PBEM though, not cyberbox.


Hey. Just got onto Vassal, with the initial goal of finding an Axis Empires opponent (or more than one). Let me know if either of you are up for a game sometime…


I have room for one more game. I’m pretty good with Vassal, but still new to AE.

Do you mind if I take the Axis?

Hey, there. Sorry for the extremely late reply, but I’m still interested in a game of AE. I don’t have a faction preference…