Bad Data in Module: Image not found null

I’ve been trawling through an extension which has been throwing up the message ‘- Bad Data in Module: Image not found null’ on loading (though it seems to have no major issue on play). Reading through some of the other threads, I understood there was some problems with white space in names, so I went through all the image names. There are none which are white space only (and none named ‘null’), though there are a few with spaces in the names.

I also loaded each of the images back into the module, just in case there was some sort of corruption, but still have not got rid of the message.

Is this is a problem with naming, or have I completely missed the point?

Any help appreciated.

Vassal 3.1.6

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On 14/06/2009 at 1:13 AM BenWH wrote:

In the Error message ‘- Bad Data in Module: Image not found null’, the bit before the - is supposed to be the Name of the Piece. Look for pieces in the palette that have not been set up correctly, no name in the Basic Piece etc.

Also, Go to the Module Manager and select ‘Show VASSAL error log’. There will be an ImageNotFoundException and a Stack dump that will help pinpoint what sort of trait is throwing the error.


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Thanks for the pointers - looking into it…