Bad Data problem

Hi guys,

I have a module I am writing that works on my computer, but when I give it to another person it gives this error:

“Bad Data in Module: Numeric field contains a non-number Increment Bank: format=+1, value=+1”

We have verified he is using Vassal 3.2.15 and has removed the previous version of the module.

We both are using Windows.

Bank is a Dynamic Property which is set to 1 and increments with keystrokes to 3 and then wraps around to 1 again.

We had this issue before. I had Bank initialized in an extension. When I moved it to the module level, the problem went away. I have done no work with bank since we had it working, so I am puzzled as to why it would behave this way.

Should I remove the prototype and rewrite it?


Update and related questions.

I removed the prototype containing dynamic Property Bank and then rewrote the same thing. I change the range of Dynamic Property Bank from 1-3 to 0-2.

It fixed the problem, until I send him a different version.

Question 1: I have Dynamic Property Bank defined inside a prototype in the module. Should it be defined outside of a prototype as it’s own prototype so it is initialized properly?

Question 2: I also set the value of Dynamic Property Bank with a range of 0-2 instead of 1-3. It is used in a calculation. Could this have thrown things off when an extension is initialized?

Thanks in advance,