Bag of random tokens

Hi everyone,

On a module I’m designing I need a Bag of tokens. this bag will contain several tokens and the players take one or more from inside the bag.

I know I need to to this using a Deck, the problem is that all tokens are double sided (relevant information on both sides) and that makes the token visible on the deck.

Is there any way to define an image for “the bag” and allot to take the tokens from it? or is it possible to show a “standard” image when the token is in the bag so that the players cant see whats inside?

Many thanks in advance,

  • Miguel

Some thoughts:

  • Could you just make the card have 3 layers? One common one, and then two for the two sides of the token?
  • Or maybe have a card with a replace-by feature where once drawn, you replace it with the two-sided token piece?