Bam Heroquest

I like this game, I like it a lot.

It is a really simplistic roleplaying game. You don’t have many of those. At least not good ones.

play by email sucks for this though, so Anyone intrested leave a message and I’ll host. Availabilty varies daily.

I will play morcar or a hero depending on your preferences. My only request is that if you are playing a custom quest please be ready to scale the difficulty based on the party.

What is up. I am a Heroquest junkie
I am completely redesigning the module
it will take some time but i am almost to beta state if anyone would like to help me test that would be cool
features include impassable walls/doors/monsters/objects, searchable rooms/chests/corpses/objects,
autocalulating damage between characters, working traps, inventory system showing att/def/gold/range totals,
movement points based on dicerolls, action points, turn counter resets action points
custom tiles, custom sprites, sfx
and much more
skype and vassal work great together as well allowing one to send the latest over sized module via skype send a file before play