Barbarossa to Berlin v2.4 Flipping cards not working at the moment

Using VASSAL 3.6.7 BtB v2.4
I want to be able to flip these cards to show the back of the card when playing solo.

Currently, if I flip the card, it just goes slightly gray and does not change to the graphic of the back of the card. What do I need to do ?

I’ve not dabbled with editor before so be gentle !

Try investigating the Mask trait that you will find on the cards somewhere - perhaps in a Prototype.

There are several options for how the mask will appear to the card owner - from your description it sounds like the current setting is for a transparent gray image that overlays the cards.
You can instead select the mask to show the back of the card.

If BtB uses predefined scenarios, then you will need to do a Refresh Counters to apply your change to the scenarios; there are two versions- one at a time for the currently open game or - from the editor onoly - a version that refreshes all scenarios in the entire module.