BasicName ?

I have a piece called DUMMY (as set in the basic piece trait).

When I invoke a global key command from another piece issuing, say, CTRL-D on BasicName=DUMMY … nothing happens.

However, if in the DUMMY piece definition I had a text label printing $BasicName$, just for debugging purposes, then the global key command will work!

What am I doing wrong?

Vassal 3.1.18 on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

All you have done is accessed the DUMMY piece with Ctrl D. It isn’t doing anything probably because you dont have a Ctrl D command on DUMMY somewhere that does something

the text label is substituting BasicName with it’s value -DUMMY (thats what $xxx$ does in this case) and has nothing to do with your GKC not working - don’t confuse it as debugging it because that is not what you are doing with the text label

Since an example is better than a thousand words, I have managed to reproduce this odd behaviour in a test module, attached.

This has 3 at start stacks with 3 pieces: FOO, BAR and BAZ.

By clicking on FOO one should turn visible both BAR and BAZ. However, only BAZ turns visible and BAZ is the one with the text label!

Please try and let me know.

works for me and no text label. Like I said has text label nothing to do with it. I did redo the basic piece, they may have been corrupt in buildfile definition

Yes, your version works, without the text label.

What do you mean by “redo the basic piece”?

Does it mean the version of Vassal 3.1.8 for Windows that I downloaded is broken?

Thank you.

Edit: I mean 3.1.18

No it means the piece that wasnt working may have been corrupted so I remade it is all. If something doesn’t work and you are absolutely positive everything is set up right, try remaking the piece that is giving you the problem

Which piece did you remake? FOO, BAR or BAZ ? Or all of them?

This is really worrying… because I had this strange behaviour in my module, then started the new test module by just building those 3 pieces and got the exact same problem again.

It follows that probably every time I add similar pieces I have then to delete and remake them…? Crazy! ;-)