Battle for Normandy - GMT

I am looking for an opponent for GMT’s The Battle for Normandy. I would like to play the Campaign game which would mean a long term commitment. I can commit to twice a week updates. This can run for months. We can agree on a scenario if the campaign is too long.

I’m really interested in a PBEM and don’t mind a long time commitment. But I still have to re-read the rules, so I’m not an experienced player at all. Let me know :slight_smile:


I have only played this game once as the Allies so I am still a newbie. Which side would you like to play? When would you like to start?

if your up for more than one opponent I am game as welll. PBEM. I am new to it as well. Long time wargamer though.

Well… I think I’ll re-read the rules in the next couple of days, so I think we could start in the next week end with the first log. As for the side to play I don’t have any preference being my very first game, so please, be free to choose the one you prefer.



PM me when you are ready to start. I want to take the Allies again (I’m kinda biased) if it’s OK with you. Are we playing the Campaign game?


Let me see what kind of commitment I can make for a second game. I will know more when Fabio and I get started. I will let you know after that.

Of course. And thanks for letting me know. Good luck in your current game.



I have been playing serveral scenarios and I would love to play the campaing. No matter, how long it can take. Please consider to let me join the game

HI there I would like to play> still a newb on this game but long time wargamer.

I am interested in a scenario. I can be reached at