Battles from the Age of Reason (BAR) series

Anybody interested in playing a game from this series? I own all of them, except Prague (which I’ll order this spring) and Brandywine. I have no problem on side or game.

The best option for me would be to play live on skype or googleplus, one evening a week, or a couple of evenings a month if it’s too hard as a schedule; even a combination of live and PBEM would be ok. I say this because it’s a complicated series, and a game just PBEM is a bit complicated to be carried on. Sometimes, entire logs need to be revised, and it gets tiring. Live, everything is simpler. I say this for experience, because in more than 1 year I was not able to arrive past turn 3 of a game (out of 3 games tried), before the other player got tired and stopped. That is why I would kindly ask to the possibly interested players a commitment to arrive at least to a point where the battle has been decided.

I speak Italian, French and English (at least, I hope to make me understood in these two languages). I live in Italy, on the French border, so with CET. I know already the series rules, I think at a sufficient level (even if I’m a bit rusty).

Well, that’s all I think!

Hi Mauro,
I’d like to play BAR series games as well. Those vassal modules look awesome so we should give them a try, indeed :smiley:
Just one warning: I can’t start playing before the end of February though. After that we can play whatever you’d like to.


Ciao Stefano.
Nessun problema… aspetto. Ci sentiamo alla fine di febbraio!

Perfetto! :slight_smile: