Battlestar Galactica selecting a character

When I bring up the Character Cards, if I right click on a card, the pop-up menu shows “Take to hand.” But it’s grayed out, and I can’t select it. Instead, I find I can drag and drop the card into my player window. How do I make the “Take to hand” menu item active (not grayed out)? Or was this something that hasn’t been implemented yet?

Hi Saxaphone.
This is to do with the way I have implemented it, when you view the Character cards you can ‘create’ them by dragging one to the board or elsewhere, until you do you cannot do the actions allowed on the cards themselves such as ‘Take to Hand’. I’m sure there is a way to do this better but I don’t know how. For now just drag the card to the board and right click after that will work fine.

Got it. Thanks.