Battletech Alpha Strike (Commader's Edition) Module

There seems to be no one working on an Alpha Strike module. The nearest one I found was a Quickstrike version. So, I guess I would give it a try. Instead of editing the Quickstrike mod, I thought I should start from scratch and re-learn Vassal Engine again. My primary objective is to make something that is close to a tabletop miniatures game, with very minimal automation. My rpg group mostly uses Messenger chat to play, just sharing screens to view maps and dice rolls. I think with minimal automation, interaction / communication between players will be better.

So far, I am able to create a map using Megamek. Also made some battlemech counters. My next step is to populate the counter with variables such as armor, structure, heat, etc. But what I really want to know right now is how to color code the counters similar to Megamek. If anyone is interested in this project, please post a comment below. Thanks.

Screenshot 2022-10-04 182643