Be able to change colors on Link Lines

I luv the new linked lines features! They are quite versatile and can be used for a whole variety of applications. As such they can be a bit confusing when used as such.

What would be really cool if one could change the color for each line, say from Red to Blue to Green to Yellow.

A way to do this would be each time one presses the CTRL ALT L buttons they change to the next color in the list. For example if one wanted a Green Line, one just need press CTRL ALT then press while still holding those keys the L key three times that the selects Red, Blue, then Green.

Thus Red might denote shots, Blue (whatever), Green (whatever), etc.

And also it would be cool if one could add an arrowhead to the line to make it direction so say one hits CTRL ALT A (or whatever) and that cycles from no arrowhead, to arrow head on the 1st piece, to arrow head on the second piece and back again.