Beanshell in "Summary text above pieces"?

In the Mouse-over Stack Viewer I have a “Summary text above pieces” that reads:


and shows the total number of Steps in the stack.

But I cannot figure out how to convert it into a beanshell expression so I can perform some operations (I would like to substract another property). For example:


doesn’t work. I cannot find the answer in the documentation, or what is different about this field (if there is any difference).

Of course if I type:

$sum(Steps)$ - $sum(Detachments)$

I get “8 - 3” and the player must do the math. How could I have “5” instead?

Beanshell expressions are not currently support into the Mouse-over stack viewer. The sum() function is an old hand-coded extension to the viewer and has no relationship to the Beanshell function of the same name.

Thanks once more Brent. Ok, I guess “8 Steps - 3 Detachments” will do.

If “Steps” and “Detachments” are properties of the piece in question, you can add a “Calculated Property” trait to that kind of piece, call it something like “NetSteps”, and set its expression to “Steps - Detachments”. Then you can reference $NetSteps$ in your summary text and it will produce the result you want.

Thanks for the great suggestion! It helps a lot, as I was calculating (Steps - Detachments) in a few other places.