Beginner looking for VSQL opponent for live play on Vassal

I’ve played SL on VSQL before but it’s been a number of years so I’m looking at this from a beginner’s perspective.

I’ve downloaded VSQL 3.30d and all the maps, scenarios and starter files I could find on the web so I’m ready to go. I also downloaded Skype so I can play live chat if you prefer. I just have to set my account up.

I work 1:00PM to 10:00PM (EST) Sat. through Wed. so I can begin around 11:30PM after a work day and anytime Thur. or Fri.

I would prefer a permanent opponent to learn and play the system one senario at a time beginning with Scenario 1, “The Guards Counterattack”
and in the future progressing to ASL.

If interested please leave a reply. Thank you.


John: I have similar background in VSQL and would like the same experience (working one by one through the SL scenarios and eventually on to CoI, and ASL). I know your post is several months old, but if you are still interested, I would be happy to game starting with “The Guards Counterattack.” My one stipulation is that I need to do PBEM, since my job usually keeps me in the office until very late. Thanks, Alex

If john is not available, I would be interested in starting a game…let me know