Best way to deal with this 6 deck situation

The game I am working on has 5 decks corresponding to 5 different zones (a,b,c,d,e) and you draw one card depending on what zone you are in.

Here is what I would like :
A separate (floating/moveable) map window that can be resized.
Any card drawn goes to the same place on that map.
Buttons labeled (a-e) on the map window toolbar that draws from the proper deck.
Either right click discard (or if possible) an automatic discard when you click on the next draw button.
The decks not visible because the window needs to be small.

I know how to make the map window and make cards go to a specific spot.

1: I’m assuming I would want the toolbar buttons to be action buttons so that they will first discard the card that is already there and then draw a new one from the proper pile? If so, what command would I use to target the card that is already there to tell it to go back to the deck? I haven’t used the “true/false” values in Vassal to target different things so I’m not up to speed on how all that works.

2: Since I don’t want the decks visible, should I put them in a different map window and just have the drawn cards sent to this one?

Thanks for taking the time to read this. :slight_smile: