Best zip and unzip for Mac

I’m running Big Sur and I ran into a problem yesterday when I made some changes to a image file only (kept the name the same) and then rezipped using the compressor native to Mac OS which creates a zip file. Then I renamed the extension .vmod and got the “not a valid vassal module” warning when I tried to test it.

Whats the best app to use to zip and unzip for a Mac?



Compress command works for me. To unzip, I rename the .vmod to .zip and then it will unzip with a double click (archive app also works).

So, I think your module problem is something else. Typically, I get that error when the module has been moved or renamed, so the module manager can’t find it. I wonder, did you move or rename the module to unzip it and then forget to move the new .vmod back out of the uncompressed folder to wherever you had the original vmod?

Unzipping on MacOS results in a new folder being created that holds the ZIP archive’s contents. Without knowing what a valid module’s ZIP archive root level looks like, when you’re done you might well be tempted to re-zip this entire new folder by right-clicking it, which will result in the wrong structure of your ZIP archive.

You want to multi-select and re-zip the contents of this new folder created when unzipping–at a minimum, this will be an images folder and a buildfile, and then whatever else you might have (e.g. predefined setups ending in .vsav), any documentation, etc.



Excellent! Thanks I’m sure thats it!