beta 5 bugz and non-bugz

Beta 5 initial testing…

Text labels which are set in the module designer to be horizontally center-justified are showing up left-justified when the dynamic property setting the text is modified after the unit is dragged out of the piece palette onto the map. This did not happen under the last release (3.0.whatever), hard to say at what point exactly it shows up… but I think it has been mentioned before, just confirming here it is still an issue on Beta 5. The new text is left justified to the left side of wherever the original center-justified value was while in the piece palette.

I do not see the reported problem with png transparency. In fact my module uses a ton of png images with transparency set in the png for layers controlled by dynamic properties and I have never seen any problem with them. But perhaps that is something that depends on how the images are called out in the module? Maybe there is an issue with the basic piece image that does not show up as an issue with a layer image, or on layer images without DP’s that does not show up on layer images controlled by DP’s?

All the speed enhacements etc still seem to work.

but… sure enough as reported I think somewhere… when you save the file and reload it later, voila… all the text labels are now aligned and justified correctly.


I have reproduced this problem and done some initial testing.

The LabelOp is correctly redisplaying the new value of the Label, but it does not take into account that the position of the label may (probably will) change when the text changes.


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