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I have kicked off my linux development system with xubuntu, openjdk, and eclipse. This is my first foray into Linux in oh 15 years or so and I was amazed it was so simple - the installer covered almost everything and pointed me even where to download my wireless driver (which I thought would be a nightmare but it was easy) and the synaptic package manager grabbed all my extra apps for java and eclipse.

EDIT - just an fyi - I spoke too soon - getting eclipse to update itself enough to permit me to load any part of subclipse was a mess requiring a dozen or so attempts (and I have been thru the procedure before and never had any trouble in the windows eclipse) - so I thinking the eclipse package grabbed by synaptic, or the one of many open jdk distributions out there I selected, may be somewhat flaky. /EDIT

Now… if I want to get Vassal beta5 onto the machine I imagine I can download the source from the svn repository using eclipse - would it be best just to build it myself with eclipse or is there an easy way to get the version to install on xubuntu?

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If all you want to do is use beta5, then download the generic package and
unzip it. In the directory created by unzipping the archive, there will be
a shell script called which you use to run VASSAL.


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Downloading the latest code on Eclipse via subclipse is a completely separate issue. If you need help with that, just call out. The info on the vassal website is mostly correct, but there are some quirks that are not covered like ensuring libraries are exported.

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