Betrayal at the house n the hill !HELP!

Hello guys,
Im new to the community and online board gaming and i need your help. I have organized a game tonight with my friends for the game ‘‘betrayal at the house on the hill’’ but i came up with a problem. The tiles are stacked when i put them on the grid. This means that i cant use the tile ‘‘mystic elevator’’ (which it must be moved all the time) cause when i lay it down i cant pick it up again.
I am asking for help, if anyones knows how i can pick up a tile after i put it on the grid. Thanks in advance…

First, if it is stacked with other tiles you have to double click to expand the stack (otherwise ignore this step)

If the tile is “locked” onto the grid it probably can be moved by holding shift key while clicking piece and moving it

Thanks a lot for the help! Although i cannot move it, i can discard it and take it from the discard pile. Thanks again for your precious help!

Hmmm… which module are you using? I can drag and drop all tiles normally in version 1.1 without even holding the shift key. There is no movement restriction placed on the tiles after looking inside the mod.

I was having this problem too, in version 1.2. To move a tile, Shift+Click on it, then drag the tile. If you shift+click multiple tiles, you’ll move them all together.