betting phase - Rising Sun

I’m developing Rising Sun module and almost it’s done, but now I’m thinking about the war betting phase where players has to bet coins on the different chosen war actions to win. Each player has a betting war sheet in their own map window and obviously the bets are secret to the two players involved in combat, so I don’t know which could be the best way to represent this … perhaps making the players at war unable to see the other player’s map window when for instance a war button is pressed? Or maybe hiding the coins? Any proposal is appreciated. thanks

If you used the “Mask” trait on whatever token(s) marked the amount of the bid, then you could have the actual amount of the bid be shown only to the player who made the bid – until they (or a trigger from the game) flipped the bid over to reveal to all. Obviously if your bids are made in individual coins and they’re all worth 1, then that might not help as much since you could just count the number of tokens, but if the bid can be represented as a single token (or you at least offer “making change” to 2’s, 3’s, 5’s or something) then that could work.

Mask trait makes any trait that appears above it in order inaccessible to non-owners when it is flipped, and the key command you put on the Mask is what flips it. I personally like to set the “Display Style” to “Use Image” and then you can supply the “back of the card” or the “Coin with a ? on it” image or whatever, but there are also options where you can have the masking player still be able to peek at it while it is flipped over.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your proposal. But I just created a private map window for each player and I think this solves very good the issue.