BGGB Game 01 - Recruiting

Hello Everyone

I am going to host a PBF Game of TI3 SotT using our BGGB (Board Gaming Group Bonn) house rules via Vassal engine.

Before you sign up, please make sure you have worked through our To-Do list:

  • I have read the BGGB House rules attached to this post at least once and understand them. ( … ctives.pdf)

  • I have downloaded the current Vassal engine ( … saris.vmod).
    Note:Download the “…theasaris.vmod”! NOT the normal Shards Module!

  • I have familiarized myself with the Vassal module and know how logfiles work.

  • I have access to a copy of TI3 and both expansions in order to read all card texts as Political and Action Card texts are not shown in the module.

  • I am aware that the game will take several months to complete and have time to usually check in at least every 24 hours. If I know I’ll be gone for longer than the 24-hour time period, I will post a message in the designated forum and send a PM to the GM at least two days in advance (emergencies are obviously an exception to this).

  • I have read the Rules and Guidelines concerning the PBF Game at bottom of this post.

To sign up, go to … anted-f14/, register and respond.

To get to the main page of the Forum use:

Your GM of Game #01

Rules & Guidelines[/size]

The Prime Rule

The GM has final say on all issues, though will seek consensus while maintaining a fair and balanced game that proceeds as intended by the rules.

Table Mode

Discussions, plotting and general communication all happen openly in this game. Imagine sitting at the table together with all players hearing any words being spoken. Any private communication outside of the designated forum is forbidden. Sanctions in the form of TGs, exhausted planets or deduction of VPs can be enforced by the GM should players be caught plotting behind others’ backs.

Self Controlling Players

All players are expected to view and check all other logs, not just the one preceding your action. Any errors found should be reported in the forum. The players are responsible for checking the logfiles for errors, not the GM. By creating a new log, you accept the previous actions since your last log. Any errors that may not have been discovered in the mean time are ignored.

Correcting Mistakes

Overview: All players are required to be familiar with the FFG rules, house rules, variants, options, and new concepts. Failure to do so and posting a valid order that has undesired effects is regrettable but will usually stand.
Changing Orders: Players are allowed to change their posted orders anytime if they are still the active player. As a matter of politeness and a sign of respect to other players give the player a 15 minute grace period before posting your own orders. If other players have posted orders and you wish to change your order, you will need to ask those players’ permission to roll back the game to your turn.


Players are expected log in at least once per day. If you know you’ll be gone for longer than the 24-hour time period, please post a message on the boards or send a PM to the GM at least two days in advance (emergencies are obviously an exception to this).

Preorders: Players are encouraged to give their preorders ahead of time but please don’t post them (it causes confusion) - PM them to the GM instead. Simple logic statements work best for your preorders, such as “I’ll do XYZ unless ABC happens”. Those orders stay in queue and will be used by the GM when the time comes for your action. The player can change those orders anytime before it is their turn. If something major happens to the game that can affect your preorders, the GM will wait for you to come back online and post the orders yourself.

Secondaries: Players have 24 hours to take advantage of secondaries. If you log in and are next in line to take a secondary you must take it or post that you are considering it, otherwise you may not be allowed to take the secondary.

Action Cards: You are to give preorders for Action Cards that can be played out of turn. In some cases you might wish to play an AC as a reaction to a recent unforeseen action. In that case you have 24 hours to declare your AC play. If necessary, the game will then roll back or be halted according to the effects of the AC.

Action Cards in Combat: As the attacker, you are expected to send your AC intentions via preorder along with your Tactical Action. The GM will then resolve combat. The more detailed your preorder is using logical statements, the higher the chances that your AC will be played exactly the way you wanted it. As the defender, you are expected to send your AC intentions via PM within 24 hours of the declared battle. If you suspect a coming attack earlier, you can speed up things greatly by sending preorders of possible AC plays ahead of time.

Sabotage Action Card:
Players have 24 hours to use a Sabotage after an AC is played, otherwise you will not be allowed to play Sabotage.
Default combat procedure: Unless the GM receives detailed orders via PM, combat is resolved in the following way:

  • No Action Cards are played
  • No Retreats/Withdrawals are declared
  • No Racial abilities that require spending of resources/TGs (e.g. Letnev ability) are used
  • Default casualty order: first hit to ships with sustain damage, then Fighters, Destroyers, Carriers, Cruisers, Dreadnaughts, War Suns, Flagships

[size=18]Submitting your Actions[/size]

In addition to posting a log file for your action, you are required to submit your action in the following format:
Type of Action: [Strat] (Strategy) / [Tac] Tactical / [Card] Action Card / [Ability] Racial Ability / [Pass] or [Skip]
Activate: [system(s) to activate]

[things to move, such as units and leaders involved, what you are picking up and dropping off, from system abc, to system xyz, etc.]
PDS Fire (if any): [from where, and if you have a scientist or rerolls]
Space Battle: [declare space battle, units and leaders involved, racial ability, casualty order]. Note: be specific or I’ll use my judgment.

Landings: [state intended Landings, including units and leaders involved, which ship they are coming from and where they are landing]
Invasion Combat: [declare invasion combat, including units and leaders involved, AC to use, racial ability, etc.]>
Build: [declare builds (if any); itemize each unit’s cost and how you are paying - be specific]

End your post with your “CCTAP” and who is next:
CCTAP #/#/# #/#/#
The first three numbers are your Command Counters and how they are allocated (SA/FS/CP); the next three numbers are your TG-AC-PC counts.
Race XYZ is next (bolded and in larger font size)

Unit Abbreviations: When submitting your action, please write the full unit names or use the following abbreviations
Flagship: FS
War Sun: WS
Dreadnought: DN
Cruiser: CA
Destroyer: DD
Carrier: CV
Fighter: FT
Ground Force: GF
Shock Troop: ST
Mechanized Unit: MU
Planetary Defense Systems: PDS
Space Dock: SD

[size=150]Update: 3 slots open[/size]

[size=200]Update: 1 Slot open[/size]

Players Signed up for the game so far…


1 Spot open

Be there any man, proud or farie.
Relentless enough to try our query.
Has’t yeast and malt, hobs and berry.
by lord, please let me pop your cherry! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone up? i guarantee its going to be Alot of fun,
the comparison is nowhere near a normal game of Twilight imperium 3.
Fun in a Bottle.

Just checking in :slight_smile:

Recruitement is over. We started the Game with 5 Players.

If you happen to see this to late and still want to play a game like that, feel free to come to the board mentioned above and demand a Game.

The Game is open for spectating.