Bismark (AH 1979) Live Play

Cheers All:
I am looking to try my hand at playing Avalon Hill’s Bismark (1979) on a real-time basis. I have reviewed the sequence of play and it appears that .vlog file swapping would be impractical with this game, though if there is way to do file swapping i am open. This would be my first time playing a vassal game on a real-time basis.

I played Bismark semi-frequently about 25 years ago, but have forgotten most of the details. I do recall it being fun with the hidden search elements, and like the unique game play associated with search board operations, especially for the Bristish, coupled with the battle board naval combat, somewhat akin to Wooden Ships and Iron Men.

In any event, I am on the West Coast US and looking for live play for 2 - 3 hours during the 12 noon - 4:30 window, ideally on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, but Thursday or Friday may also work. However, my next availability wouldn’t be until March 20th or thereafter. That gives you plenty of time to refresh your familiarity, too!

If interested, please drop me a line at:

Cheers, Alex