Bismark has a Basic Game MOD file and an Intermediate Game Save file. Both were created in 2007. I cannot get either one to run.

Rename the .mod file to .vmod.

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What steps are you taking that result in it not running?

“What steps are you taking that result in it not running?”

I attempt to open the file with VASSAL as I do with all mods. Nothing happens.

The file type in the properties window is MOD File. The Luftwaffe and Panzer Command modules for are also MOD files and open. The also are several MB. Bismark Basic Game is only 60 KB but there are a build and image file a turn folder and an image folder many MB in size.

“Rename the .mod file to .vmod.” I can change the file name which does nothing but cannot change the type to VMOD.

The downloadable file is called

Rename it to


Then double click it. It should open right up.

Thus spake “Bill Romaniecki”:

If you’re seeing any of that, it’s because you’ve unzipped the module.
The file you need to open with VASSAL is the module file you downloaded.
If you end up with more than one file after downloading, then something
has gone wrong—one common thing is for your browser to be “helpful”
and unzip for you anything it recognizes as a ZIP archive (which a
game module is).


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Many thanks to both of you. Finally got it to work. It seems odd but the icon shows as a zip file instead of the normal mod icon.