BKN (AH version) opponent wanted

would like to pbem good old BKN (AH) using Vassal/ACTS.

What is BKN ?? full name would help…

“Breakout: Normandy” (Avalon Hill version).

The experienced BKN-gamers know the game. ;-)

If you can tell me where to get a copy of the rules…and can put up with a novice of the game…I’ll give it a go !

I read the rules but never really play.
what do you mean “ACTS” in vassal / ACTS

ACTS (acts.warhorsesim.com/login.asp) is an automatic die roller system.

So for example you log in at ACTS and you type in your move and the number of random die rolls that are needed for your attack and then you and your opponent get an email (sent by ACTS) with the random die roll results. So both players have the same information about the result of the attack and cheating is not possible playing pbem.

Then you make your move (knowing the result of your random die rolls by ACTS) using the VASSAL module.

Hope I could help…


Thanks for the explanation
in BKN there is no game card
for dice alone there is (dicelog.com/)
same, but without the mail that warns, and it always requires to use vassal.


Be aware that there is an online PBEM ladder of BKN that currently has 24 participants. Check out wargameleague.com


I would play this game, any version. So BKN is Breakout: Normandy… good to know.