2 players ready to play a game of Blackbeard via PBEM. Looking for one or two more pirates to join in.


Greetings, I’d be interested.

Fairly new with Blackbeard, but a good bit of gaming experience.

Regards, Jeff

Hello Jeff

Just in case you didn’t get my private message I can confirm we are ready to start a 4 player game of Blackbeard. If you let me have your email address I will send the first file.


Played Blackbeard ftf only - so might need some help with the PBEM system (just found and downloaded Vassal mods today!)

Hello GregN,
Thanks for your reply but sorry to say we have 4 players for the present game which I think is the most we can cope with. maybe next time.

best wishes

Just making sure my EM address went through - it’s

Regards, Jeff


I sent you a PM, too, with my email address but haven’t received any emails from you.


Hi Kevin,

Sent you another PM, let me know if it get’s through. Go ahead and use the EM I posted here to send the file to.

Regards, Jeff