Block or cdg??

Hi I`m a new vassal and wargamer. Have played hammer of scots, battlelore and twilight struggle on vassal.

I own and would be interrested in playing:
Eastfront 2
Hammer of scots
Crusader rex
Pacific victory
Europe engulfed

Twilight struggle
Washingtons war
Shifting sands

Have played Pacific Victory only twice but would like to try more. Also eastfront or Washington’s war. I have a short holiday till the 25th of June but manage a couple of turns per day normally if files come in. Let me know how this works for you.


That sounds great, Pacific victory it is then. I`ll get in touch!


I´m interested in playing Europe Engulfed; actually I´m reading the rules (and therefore an absolute beginner). In a couple of days I could be playing if it fits you. I only could play by email, a turn a day easy. But from July 3rd to 14th I will be out on holiday.

I´m also new at HoS (but this I could start playing right now) and EastFront (need to read the rules).

If you like to play some of those, just tell me.