Blood Bowl VASSAL

Since I can’t post the module itself or a link to it on the downloads page, can I mention here (with a link)? I’m proud of how the module came out and it works wonderfully for Pbem. If interested, more info on my page here:

Note that I’m currently adding some changes that will take the module to full release version 1.0. That may be in a couple of weeks however but the current release (v.9.9) has been stable and used in our last tournament a year ago.

Joel/mods, kill the thread if this isn’t ok. ;)

Just an FYI for anybody that has downloaded the module- I’ve just completed and am uploading v1.0 of the module. Teams are now duplicated and color coded as either “Red” or “Blue”. This will make it easy to distinguish the sides on the pitch, even when zoomed far out. Also, it will make it possible to field two teams of the same race, one being red and the other being blue obviously. Finally, the dugouts are only available for a team based on their color so that you can’t accidentally place a player in the wrong dugout.

This version can be downloaded from (link near the top of each page).

Feedback and suggestions or recommendations most welcomed!

For those interested, Version 1.1 is being uploaded to

It includes some bug fixes (thanks to the VASSAL team and module creators here!), blood and sounds.


1.4 is uploaded (same link) and this one looks to be polished and ready. Maybe some other tweaks down the road but 1.4 is the version that you want. Screenshot of a game in progress: