Bloody April

Can anyone explain why after loading Bloody April yesterday all seemed well, yet this morning I cannot see the map at all. I have reinstalled it and still cannot access the map?.

John B

You might be at the threshold of your memory allowance. Go into preferences and raise your JVM initial heap and JVM maximum heap. Then close and restart.

I have 2 gigs memory on my machine and I generally set my initial heap at 1024 and my max at 1536. This seems to work very smoothly for just about everything Vassal. If you only have 1 gig or less on your computer, you may run into sluggish or non-display problems occasionally …especially in games with really big, graphic intensive maps.

Thanks for the reply.
I finally uninstalled again and cleared all folders and such then reinstalled and all appears to be fine now ?.
All I need now is an online source forthe aircraft data cards, then I can keep all my compenents in mint contition.

Thanks again,

John B