Borodino 20

I was trying to solitaire Borodino 20, to familiarize myself with Vassal before trying H to H games. Then getting to the first combat realized that the Morale track and the CRT were not displayed on the map. CRT no big deal I can just keep a physical copy on hand. Morale track another story its critical to the game and I have limited space on my computer desk to put stuff. If anybody is familiar with this module am I missing something like maybe a control to show the Morale track?
Is it frequent that some physical charts and tables be used with Vassal? Like I said I have limited space so especially if I was trying to play more than one game at a time I see this as problematic?


I’m not familiar with this module, but I just opened it up to take a look. I see a button in the toolbar with two blue dice on it and graphics labeled “AB” and “AR”…it opens a Play Aide. On the bottom of that window I see a Morale Track with movable markers for Russian Morale and French Morale. It also shows the Turn Sequence and charts for Hazardous Retreats, Rally Table, Combat Results, and the Morale Chart.

It looks to me like it contains everything you are looking for.

Thanks Joel