Brand New Looking for Opponents

I am in the central time zone of the united states. Currently off of work till spring, plenty of gaming time! Haven’t played wargames/ boardgames in years. Getting back into the genre ! Own old AH & Victory games versions of D-Day , Blitzkrieg , Battle of the bulge , war& peace, Gulf war and Central America amongst others. So I’m familiar with game mechanics. Not sure what games to play , but looking forward to learning new ones. Interest included : Ancient history , medieval period , American civil war , and most war games. Not much on fantasy , but do play Warhammer Total War . Quick learner and a big fan of the hobby. 53yrs old. e-addy any Missouri gamers ?

I may be interested if we can work through the details.
Are you interested in PBEM or Skype (audio)?
What days/times best suit you?


Yes . Just played my 1st game of CCN last night and it was great. I have skype . used it and it was just as if my opponent was in the room ! Couldent finish and have a game scheduled for next Monday. Watch > Top Ten Wargames Of 2016 Live! With Rob Oren on You Tube if you get a chance. Command and Colors Napoleon is a great game but Gotta hankering for a WWII or medieval game ? Any suggestions ? Its my down time at work for about another month so plenty of game time on my end . My name is Mark

I’m just getting back into war gaming too. I like The Russian Campaign. Let me know if you’re interested.


Hit me up if you are interested in Memoir 44. Same system as Nappy. I’m in the Eastern time zone. We can do live or PBeM.


Have you tried GMT games (relatively) new U.S. Civil war? Think you might be interested?

Welcome back to the gaming world!!!

I too am looking for a gamer who is about at the same level of gaming I am. I live in Wisconsin so we are in the same time zone and I’m pretty flexible as far as playing times go.

I really don’t do PBM and the Skype way is cool.

I play most anything of war and some sports and little fantasy. AH/VG/GMT you name it. Im fairly a quick learn so not intiminated to learn anything new.

Really want to play the great game FlatTop!

Email if intrested, Jay

Eagledog,I’d be interested in a game of TRC

I’m looking for opponents in the following games:

Paths of Glory
Europe Engulfed
WW2 European Theater of Operations

If interested, drop me a note at dan80909 at gmail.

I’d be interested in War & Peace if you are still looking for opponents.


I realize I’m a little late in replying here, but I’d be interested in getting in on a game. I’m not really big on voice but I guess I could set it up if I need to. I’m content typing in a chat box as I often have a situation where I can be online but not talking. If opponents are okay with it, I can listen to voice and respond in chat. Some of the games I have and would be interested in playing are:
COIN Series:
Fire in the Lake
Falling Sky
A Distant Plain
Liberty or Death

Other games I have and know how to play:
Silver Bayonet
Pax Romana

Games I have but still need to learn:
U.S. Civil War (GMT Games)
Korea: The Forgotten War
Civilization (Avalon Hill 1980)

I’m willing to learn other games if you have and can teach. I am on Eastern Time, I don’t have a set schedule but I can be at least a little flexible to try and make it work. Prefer 4 players for the COIN games above and at least 3 for Pax Romana, though FitL seems to work well with 3 and LoD seems fit for a 2 player as well. I prefer campaigns over short scenarios and live over pbem if possible, but I’ll take what I can get!