Bridge/Hearts Module

This is a repost, I believe this is the correct forum.

Hello everyone, I am using the Bridge/Hearts module with some friends playing a game we made up. The game can be either 2 or 4 players, when we were using the Playing Card module, we really enjoyed the discard option when you right-clicked a card, but in the bridge/hearts module, when you click discard, it gives an error and wont do it. I know this is a small bug, but does anyone have the knowledge, or can anyone point me to the knowledge to fix this?

Also, Is it possible to make the module allow anyone to manipulate a
card, not just the person who “owns” it? Its tough to deal the cards out
quickly b/c everyone has to draw their own cards.

Thanks for any help.

If you click the deck, you can draw multiple. And since the order is random anyway, why deal the cards, just draw the top 13 into each hand.

The sent to function is what is keeping the multiple deal from working. I’ll try to take a look at that, but it is not high on my priorities at the moment.