Hi. I’m a new face here, but I’ve had some experience fiddling with the VASSAL module editor, and have just released an introductory version of a module for Brikwars. I’m here, and usually online via various instant messenger services, for questions, comments, etc, regarding Brikwars, and future developments. Hopefully I didn’t do too awful of a job, eh? Constructive criticism is welcome, and encouraged!

Edit: Armaments(And squads!) are now implemented, via a properties sheet in each piece, excluding blood and terrain, of course. We’ve now reached version 0.3, thanks to this fairly-noticeable omission from the initial version. Also added is a ruler for measuring whatever you want to measure, scaled so that a minifig=1 inch. In addition, all units now have a “mark moved” setting, so you don’t get confused in big battles, trying to remember who moved, and who didn’t move. Zoom out/in function added. I think I’ve covered everything the base game uses, but if someone finds something, TELL ME, so I can fix it. I love Brikwars, and I wouldn’t want the module for it to be any less than awesome.

In the next version, I hope to add basic support for vehicles/creations, and the ability to make your own buildings via a red 2x4 brick “piece” that will have a “height” indicator to determine how high in inches the thing is, in 1/3 increments, since according to Brikwars rules, three bricks is an inch.


Here i propose you a v0.2a with these improuvements :

  1. Added a Zoom function
  2. Added a Logo to see which Game it is at the lauch of the game module
  3. Added a Game Layers function combined to the MyLayer Maker …

Each Pieces owns now the MyLayer maker trait to be sure that a Figure will not disappears under a Terrain Tile ! :open_mouth:

  1. Modication on the message about rolls …
  2. Automatic zoom when the mouse is on a piece

The module is here : … ars_sb.mod



Wow, that’s actually a really good improvement on my version. I tweaked it a bit to add the functions that 0.3 added, such as the properties sheet, the ruler, and a “moved” marker. I like your zoom function way better than the way I did mine, Grégory. Really good stuff. If you’ve got a username, I’d love to add you to the contributors list.


Well, glad to see that you agreed my improuvements …

I think that you must first contact the author (Mike …) of this game to get is permission and better pictures resolution from the game. The ones included are not really in high quality …

Regards from Paris,


Yes, I contacted Mr. Rayhawk yesterday regarding the VASSAL module. I’m awaiting a response currently.