BSG anyone playing?

I love BSG, and play in IRL a lot, but would love to try the Vassal, I don’t see to many games of it online though.

I’d like to play BSG. I have the game and the Pegasus expansion.

I prefer to play online with Skype.

I live in Canberra Australia UTC +10 hours.

I can play day or night but Tuesday and weekends are usually not available.

Hi I talked to a couple of my IRL friends, and we are going to try to setup a game today at 7pm PST, Should be using Skype as oppose to the text, never done the Vassal game so not sure, I downloaded all the extensions I own the game and all expansions.

I would love to play, Central US time zone (-6) I’m off on Sunday afternoons, Monday and Wednesday. Let me know if we might be able to get a game set up!

I’m a BSG boardgame noob.
Wanted to play the game for so long. Didn’t know you had
to go into the forums to actually join a game.
I thought i just have to wait for open games

But are there any?
Willing to play or let a noob play with them?

Looks like we have 4 players. Anyone else interested?

New player here, to both BSG and Vassal. I would love to play if there is willingness to teach a new player. I have really wanted to try this game for a while.

NY, USA. So EST time. Saturday afternoons and evenings are best for me. Possibly Monday, Wednesday and Fridays too. Sundays, Tuesday and Thursdays are no good.

Skype or voice chat also isn’t a problem.

Can I suggest we get a 5-player game started using just the basic rules (i.e. no expansions) since most of us are new to BSG and/or VASSAL?

If you have not already done so, can you post in this thread your timezone and availability?

Any word on getting this game together? I would also love to try some others such as Pandemic and Shadows over Camalot.

Bueler? Bueler?

I’m interested in joining a Vassal BSG game. Any expansions, no expansions, whatever is fine with me. I’m located in New Zealand.

I would like to play. Add me on skype wyrtt1
gmt+11 so we will need to decide day of play 2-3 days before. That way i will be able to plan ahead.

Because of the time zone issues, maybe we should try to set up a PBEM game instead of live.

What do other people think?