Bug: 3.6-beta6 macOS shows two Tools menus when editing a module

When editing a module in VASSAL 3.6-beta6 there is a Tools menu in between File and Edit (from the player: Refresh Counter, Load Continuation…, Show Debug Window, and there is the old Tools menu between Edit and Help (from the editor: Refresh Predefined Setups, Remove Unused Images). These two menus should be merged for the editor, there shouldn’t be two menus with the same name.

I would also opine that there shouldn’t be a menu between File and Edit.

Screenshot 2021-11-14 at 16.50.16

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This feature has been in MacOS vassal since forever. I logged it as an issue and @Cattlesquat looked into it recently.

Turns out that MacOS is running the editor and player main windows as one but not an easy fix, apparently.

The Player and Editor windows have their own menus everywhere but on MacOS. MacOS dumps all the menu entries from different windows in the same app together.

It’s not obvious what the correct solution to this is, and it would likely be a lot of work to implement whatever needs to be done. There won’t be any fix for this in V3 unless you can convince someone to undertake the work.

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