Bug 4717 not really fixed in beta 2 or 3

Brent, please note that I am getting some strange new error message as follows:

  • Bad Data in Module: House of M [Layer - Scenario playability] - Expression evaluation error followProperty[X-Men_playing]

I have tested with various builds and I have tracked this down to something occurring since sometime between beta 1 and beta 2: this message is NOT reported under beta 1 but is reported under beta 2 and 3.

I guess it could be related to the work you did to allow for property expressions in the followProperty input fields of Layers (see bug Bug 4717 - Change Layer Follow Property name to be an Expression).

Module please?

Try with Marvel Heroes 1.1 and proceed as follows:

  1. open offline game
  2. pick side “solo play”
  3. click ready for Avengers and F4
  4. the scenario deck pops up, draw till you get the scenario “House of M”

With beta 1 there is no error reported. If you now click ready for the X-Men the scenario will be overwritten by the string “UNPLAYABLE”: this is the “Scenario playability” layer triggering.

With beta 3 (but same with beta 2) you get the error message above. Moreover, you don’t get the “UNPLAYABLE” string when you check-in the X-Men.

To check the definition of the buggy layer go in the editor down to the Scenario map window, and to the Scenario deck in there and open the “House of M” card.


Sorry about the push up, but any news about this, Brent? Why would a layer working under 3.1.x and beta 1 give problems under beta 2, beta 3 and now beta 4?

P.S. MH 1.1 is again listed in the module page for download, apologies about that.