Bug: editor expression builder fails to scroll properties

Take a module with lots of Module level global properties - enough to fill the screen.
In the expression builder, notice that it is not possible to access these properties beyond the screen limit.

For comparison, try the same on map-level global properties. Notice that a “down arrow” appears at the bottom of the drop-down - allowing properties to be scrolled in the drop-down.

Found on Mac, Retina screen. All recent versions of Vassal up to v3.4.2. No workaround identified other than typing in property names directly.

This may be improved in 3.5.0-beta1, as large dialogs in the Editor now have internal scroll bars.

I have a suggestion on the modular level global properties. I found that I can move the mouse to the bottom (or top) of the screen, then take my had off my mouse. I then use the keyboard down arrow (or up arrow if starting at the top) to move the selection of the property to the next one below it and press enter. The unseen but selected property will appear in your editor’s window. Since they are in alphabetical order you probably can get reasonably near on the first or second attempt - remember to count how many times you pressed the down arrow (or up if starting at the top of the screen). If you are looking for a property that has layers, like a game turn property, press the right arrow when on the property and the sub-properties to it will appear at the bottom of the screen; pressing the right arrow again will move to the next sub-property, etc. remember to not touch the mouse and only use arrows to move up, down, left, or right. If you move the mouse, wherever you are at will be lost and you’ll return to visible list of global properties - then you’ll have to start over!

Hope this help! It is not as convenient as a scroll bar, but is better than nothing at all. Jim.