Bug - no chat report, then double report

3.5.2 snapshot

I’m seeing some really flaky stuff in the module I’ve been editing… I’ve reverted to earlier saves multiple times, because of this but I’m starting to think it’s a problem with the editor rather than me…

I’m seeing what I will call a double move bug…

I move a unit:
1st: reports to chat window
2nd: no report
3rd: reports 2nd & third moves

I see the same thing incrementing a counter…

I start to see this after I’ve updated the module numerous times…

You have HTML chat enabled, but have < or > characters in the chat text that your module is producing which interferes with the HTML chatter. You will need to replace these with < and >.

Thanks Brent -

That was in fact the issue, confirmed by toggling HTML off and on.

Took me awhile to to find where I had <> and it turned out to be in Global Option under Player ID format…

Thanks again!

" Global Option under Player ID format." - often is this field causing an issue when HTML is turned on; <> is a common choice for the playerside/playername delimiter.

Yes at some recent-ish point (maybe during the 3.4 sequence) we changed the default Player ID format to include “properly escaped” < > instead of a raw < > – but of course modules that already had the old way set can still run into the problem.

And is there any way to edit this behavoir out of older modules?

I’d wish to use my OCS CRT-extension and such, which rely on HTML, with older modules.

See Brent Easton’s reply in this thread.

This, unfortunately, does not work at all. The Player ID is still reported in <> no matter what I enter in the preferences.

You can’t fix it with user preferences, you have to actually edit the module.

There are multiple places in a module that may use “>” or “<”…

Using the module editor, you have to go thru and find every one of them and replace them with
< (for <)
> (for >)
Off the top of my head, you will want to check Global Options and all the Map reports…

It took me about 60 minutes to fix this in my module - 10 minutes to make the changes (if that) and the rest
of the time was finding where “>” and “<” were being used…

It amazingly worked, and in next to no time as merely the dice roll reports were not properly coded.

Many thanks!