Bug on 3.6.0beta Mouse over stack viewer?


I’ve found some strange behaviour that I can’t work out when using 3.6.0beta…

It’s in the Fields of Fire module (my unpublished test version is uploaded here: vassalengine.org/wiki/File:F … _7new.vmod)…

I have mouse-over stack viewer set to show labels.

In 3.5.8 this picked up the PieceName (which I’m not sure it was meant to do?!) and any TextLabel that each counter had, displaying it in a white bar under the counters.

In 3.6.0beta, It gives mixed results:

If you look at an Australian Long Tan counter (from the Unit Pieces menu), this still appears to work as it did in 3.5.8 - Unit name and Unit name plus label if it has one.

If you look at British Falklands or Afghanistan units, it doesn’t give the unit name, but does show a label, if one has been allocated via the right click menu on the counter

Taliban units seem to pick up the letter from the GamePiece-Range trait?

Any thoughts? I can’t see anything obvious?!

Sorry - just re-checked - the Australian units only ever display the Unit Name and not any label

Sorry - think I’ve found the problem - good ol’ trait ordering, I think :frowning:

I don’t know why it worked in 3.5.8 though and not the beta?