Bug: Refresh causing empty deck hotkey to fire

Vassal 3.6.3

Refresh causes empty deck hotkeys to fire, almost always (in the examples that I have tested). This happens whether or not the option to refresh decks is selected.

To demonstrate; take a module with a deck, enable “Send hotkey when empty” on a deck and add a module-level Action Button to generate a report when the hotkey fires; then perform a refresh. This is demo’d in this test module to which I’ve added a hotkey / action button report for the Red deck. Any refresh will generate the message “* Red Deck Empty Hotkey Received” in the chat log.

In a module that uses emptied deck hotkeys to change the game state, this bug will have undesired consequences for the game file / pre-defined scenarios being refreshed.

I have observed this a lot in the development module for Liberté. The current version will consistently fire the hotkeys for 3 similar decks (each a stack of a single type of counter). Another stack (of cards) will also fire often, again regardless of the refresh option chosen.

Hi Mark,

Could you try the RefreshEmptyKey build which should be up shortly.


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@Brent_Easton - Tested out successful… no Hotkeys fired and a Refresh Counters runs worked with a change to a piece and a change to a deck.